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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 30

June 25, 2015

Should White take on d6, even though the loss of the Pb2 follows?

(the question as posed in Teschner's book)

Rubin v McLennan, San Francisco 1962






Are the two answers to the question. No he shouldn't take on d6, and no, Black needn't take on b2. (If he does, carnage follows on f7).

If 1 Bd6 Bd6 2 Qd6 Black needn't take on b2, but can play simply 2…Qc5 and the game goes on.

But White can cause Black some distress with the simple 1 Qe2+ and if a piece goes to e7, then Bd6; and if 1…Kd8 then 2 Bf7 restoring material equality and he is positionally winning. 1…Be7 2 Bd6 and White has plenty of compensation. Even Leko would have a crushing attack.



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