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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 42

July 7, 2015

Black to play and win

Bronstein v Korchnoi, Leningrad 1962




This position is part of my 'chess culture': I recognised the position, and knew that 1 Rh6+! won for Viktor.

Easy parts first:

1…Kh6 2 Qh8+ Kg6[] 3 Qh5+ Kf6 4 g5+ discovering an attack on the LPDO Qf3, 1-0;

1…gh 2 Qg8+ Kf6[] 3 Qf8+ skewering the king and LPDO Qf3 again;


Slightly harder to visualise: 1…Kf7. White has to check and check and check, since he is threatened with both mate and losing his Rh6. Fortunately, he doesn't have many checks, so working out which to play isn't that hard. 2 Qb7+ Kg8[] (K-other, Rh8 mate) 3 Qc8+ Kf7[] 4 Qe6+ and after 4…Kf8[], 5 Rh8 mate.




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