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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 45

July 10, 2015

White to play and win


Sakharov c Nemet, 1963




Examine all biffs means you have to look at 1 Ne5! (which anyway jumps out as the move wanting to be played)

The position could be subject to realms of variations, since Black has various defences, but the most obvious ones are to consider if Black exchanges rooks, 1..Rf1, or if he doesn't, with say 1…Qe6.

Firstly, if 1…Rf1+ 2 Qf1 Qd5 3 Rd1, Black is dead: too many attacking forces, against the king, which is in a mating net (back rank mate threatened)

The harder lines are if Black doesn't exchange, and plays instead say 1..Qe6. Then white exchanges, 2 Rf8+ Bf8[]:

This is the sort of position where the advantage can easily be dissipated, but 3 Qf3! is horrendous for Black. Again, lots of lines which I shall leave for the reader to look for if he or she is interested.





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