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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 57

July 22, 2015

Black to play and win


(i) find the “win”; (ii) find the better defence.

Czerniak v Sacharovsky, Tel Aviv 1963


Examine all biffs, 1…d2! and if 2 Re5+ Be6! 3 Re6+ Kd7 and White can’t get control of the d file.


The above is the win, and the only line given in the book. But 1..d2 2 Rd1! spoils the fun somewhat, and Black might be better, but would you win as Black vs Carlsen?



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  1. ThomasW permalink

    After 1 … d2 2 Rxe5+ Be6, can’t White play 3 Ke2 instead of 3 Rxe6+ ? Perhaps in the initial position the White king should be on g1 rather than f1.

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