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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 62

July 27, 2015

White to play and win

Teschner 621

(problem slightly flawed: Black can defend; but a good work-out to see the line played in the game, and then find the better defence)

Korchnoi v Robatsch, Havana 1963


First the game continuation, which I only got part correct, and not the main part (i.e., I failed) 1 Nd5 is obvious, as is 1….Qd6 (but it isn’t best, and, to my credit, I found the better defence, 1…Qf8, see below) and afer 2 Nc7 Qc7[]:

Teschner 624

Here, I gave up (in fact, being confused by too many pieces in the centre of the board, too many possibilities, including 3 cb, which is just dead equal), missing after 3 Rc5! Rd1 4 cb!!

Teschner 625

I suspect Robatsch missed this, else he would have probably found 1…Qf8. Now after everything is exchanged the following position is reached:

Teschner 626

and the ending is won, with the outside potential passed pawn.

Better defence

I couldn’t see my way through 1…Qd6, and chose instead 1…Qf8, which proves to be better.

Teschner 622

2 Qc2 is followed by the logical exchange and develop sequence 2…Ne4 3 Qe4[] f5 4 Qc4 (or Qa4) Be6

Teschner 623

Given the choice, which side would you pick to play? I don’t know which the GMs would pick; I would prefer to play Black, fearful, if I were White, of ..g5 and being pushed back, the two bishops, centre and potentially my Pc7 being rounded up. My engine says the position is near equal.

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