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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 63

July 28, 2015

White to play and win

Teschner 631

Teschner v Gereben, Reggio Emilia, 1963-64


Black threatens mate on b2, so force is needed, and it is not hard to see the first move, 1 e5 (examine all biffs) after which 1…de is forced (1…Qe5 drops the queen to 2 Nf7+ forking). 1e5 has the additional point of revealing the previous jump-biff Rg4-a4.

After 1…de, there are two ways to win. I chose 2 Ne4, the idea being 2…Qe7 3 Rg8+ Kg8[] 4 Qg2+ mating up promoting the queen (noting that there is no rescue mate or perpetual for black- the Ne4 does a good defensive job too); or if 2…Qf5, rooks are exchanged and then Qa5 picks up the trapped LPDO Na4; again, noting the cute point that after 3 Qa5 Qf3?? is impossible because of Q checks and Ng5+ forking.

In the game, White played 2 h7, when 2..Rg5 grovels on hopelessly, or 2…Rg7  3 Ne4 Qe7 4 Rg7 Kg7[] 5 h8(Q)+! Kh8[] 6 Qh6+ and 7 Nf6+; or 3…Qf5 4 Ra4 wins the N.


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