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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 67

August 1, 2015

White to play and win

Teschner 671

Gligoric v Hort, Moscow 1964


1 Bg7 (examine all biffs) screams out to be played.

Teschner 672

Black can’t ignore the B, e.g. 1…Qd3?? is met by 2 Qh8 mate, so either has to take the B, or move his Rg6.

Capturing first: 1…Rg7 2 Bf5+ Bf5 (2..Rg6 3 Qf7+ and 4 Bg6) 3 Qf5+

Teschner 673

and mate in a couple or so moves.

Next, 1…Rg4 (or 1..Rg2+: the desperado loses, just a bit slower)

White to play and win

It is worth solving this position too: not obvious, but two very pretty forced mates (shown to me by Houdini)

Teschner 674

I would be in danger of doing a merry-go-round series of checks, Qh8+ Qh6+ Qf6+ and wondering why I had got to; or in danger of losing my way trying to mate, and then getting the move order wrong.

In fact, the checking sequence is correct after 3Qh6+ Kf7[]

Teschner 675

I would find 4 Re7+!! if it were a puzzle, but would I be able to keep a cool head and find it in a game? Maybe, maybe not – it would depend on the clock situation. 4 Re7+ neatly forces the King to stop rotating, and 4…Ke7 5Qf6+ Ke8[] 6 Qf8 is a nice mate, with 4..Kg8 5 Qh8 mate being Black’s alternative form of death.

Going back to the position after 1..Rg4, the equally pretty alternative is 2 Bf5+!!

Teschner 676

It’s point is not obvious, but is cute: it moves the Bd7 away from defending e8, so that Re8+ can come in: 2..Bf5 3 Qh8+ Kg6[] 4 Qh6+ Kf7[] 5 Qf6+ Kg8[] 6 Re8+! and 7 Rh8mate.

Nice, and instructive. Examine all biffs and looking for ties (the Bd7 is tied to defending e8) yet again are in point.


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