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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 72

August 5, 2015

White to play and win (or, at least, gain an advantage)

Szabo v Langeweg, 1964




Knowing it is a puzzle, 1 Qg7 comes to mind more or less immediately. If it didn't, then examine all biffs would cause it to be considered, or noting the Qc7-Be5-Bf4 skewer would similar cause Qg7 to come to mind. After 1..Qg7, 1…Bg7 is forced, when 2 Bc7 Bd4 3 Bb8 Bb6 results in a position where white is better, but is it necessarily winning?


My engine gives it as +1.2, so clearly not, or at least the game goes on with white being better. Surprisingly, my engine only slightly prefers 1 Qg7 to 1 Be5 Qe5[] 2 Rad1, with the idea 2…d5 3 c4. Playing a few lines shows that white is again better, with Black weak on the dark squares and with a somewhat exposed king.



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