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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 85

August 18, 2015

White to play and win


Fischer v Celle, clock simul, 1964


The first move is fairly obvious, but the follow up requires precision. Fischer plays it perfectly, and I am pleased to say that the game, despite being a simul, is in Chessbase’s Megabase, It is a beautifully played Evans’ Gambit; how Fischer got to this position is well worth seeing.

1 Nf5+! forces 1…gf; 1…Kg7? 2 Ng7+ forks the king and queen; and 1…Kf6 drops the Bd7 and then the Q is pnned by Rd6..

So 2 ef Qf5


and now not 3 Ref1+ nor 3 Rd7+ but 3 Qd6+!. (If 3 Rd7+ Qd7 4 Re1+ Ne5 5 Re5+ Kf6 6 Qd7 Re5, White is winning, but Black can grovel on)


3…Ke8 4 Rfe1+ Be6 (say) 5 Qd7 mate.

Black could try 2…Rfc8, when 3 Rd7+ Qd7 4 Re1+ Ne5 5 Re5+ Kf6 6 Qd7 Ke5 7 Qf7, when White is simply winning since 7…Rc3 fails to 8 Qg7+ skewering: some times, the tactics just work.



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