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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 91

August 24, 2015

White to play and win


Bilek v Szilagyi, Budapest 1964


One key move, 1 Rh7!, is pretty obvious (and is one of only two biffs on the board, the other (Qd5) being ridiculous) so that if 1..Kh7, 2 Qf7! is a standard bank rank mater motif (or back file…).


Black has other defences, but non sufficient.


If 1..Rf8, 2 Rg7+! Kg7 3 Bh6+ picks up the rook with check, and mates soon.


If 1…Qd7 (say), White just brings up his forces (2 Rdh1) and, depending on how Black responds, at some stage sacs on g7. For instance 2…a4 3 Bg5 with the idea of 4 Rg7+ and 5 Bf6.



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