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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 94

August 27, 2015

White to play and win

Mazzoni v Minaya, Tel Aviv 1964




I am writing this blog from my home in Turkey, where we've come for the summer (these blogs are typically written days or weeks in advance). I chose not to bring the Teschner/Miles book, preferring to leave it at our main home, rather than risk the horrendous consequences on losing the book en route or leaving it behind in Turkey. I say all this because I don't know what the book gives as a solution, since many moves win. I couldn't choose between 1 Nf6+ and 1 Ng7, eventually settling on the latter, whilst Stockfish prefers the former- although both moves have a stratospheric assessment, +7 or more.

This is one where you take your choice. By perfect computer moves 1 Nf6+ tends to lead to forced mate, but 1 Ng7 is I think more human.



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