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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 99

September 1, 2015

White to play and win

Kraidman v Bouwmeester, Tel Aviv 1964




I found the nice, and winning, 1 g4!, which takes advantage of the trompe d'oeil that the Ne5 doesn't hit f3, being pinned, so that if 1…Rg4+ 2 fg Qg4+ White can play 3 Rg2 and Black has only one more check, after which the Ne5 falls with check.

However, Stockfish shows me that the move I rejected, without too much thought, is even stronger, and the lines are pretty. 1 Qf8+ which I assumed would be well met by 1…Qf7:

White to play and win



Not easy to see, but beautiful: 1 Be5+! Ke5 2 Qd6+! Kf6[] 3 e5…mate!


I wrote this blog without access to the Internet, nor without Teschner's book, so only now (back online) can I check what happened in the game. In fact White played 1 Qf8+ and the mating line was played in the game. White steered the game to the puzzle position by exploiting zugzwang, Black's last move being Rg8-g7, losing control over the f8 square.


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