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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 105

September 7, 2015

White to play: the rubric from Teschner's book is:

White has sacrificed a piece but the attack doesn't succeed, so he forces an elegant draw.

(I) find the draw;

(II) in fact, there is a win…find this too.

Mazzoni v Kraidman, Tel Aviv 1964



First the draw, which isn't too hard to spot, given the rubric says 'elegant', which implies something special.

1 Qh6!

If 1…Ne8 then 2 Ng7 Ng7 and either 3 Bf6 or 3 Ng5 are gruesome, so 1…Bh6 is forced.

2 Nh6+

2…Kh8?? 3 Bf6 is mate, so 2…Kg7 when 3 Nf5+ Kg8 is a perpetual.


I will post the cook, the win, as a separate posting.



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