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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 106

September 8, 2015

White to play and win

S Gligoric v Norman Littlewood, Hastings 1964-5




I flunked this one royally. I couldn't decide between 1 Bh6 and 1 Nh6, finding both too hard to calculate. Eventually I settled on 1 Bh6 as the move I would play in a game, judging that 2 Nh6+ had more chances of resulting in something in practice, but not being sure if 1…Qc4 was better for white, or better for Black. In fact, Stockfish says 1…Qb7 is the only move to keep broad equality, though it favours white, and also showing an impossible to compute win for white after 1…gh.

However, 1 Nh6+ is far stronger, 1…gh 2 Bh6 and I should have been able to see, but didn't, that 2…Rf7? isn't possible since the Ra8 drops off. The Rf8 is tied to the Ra8.

Not the hardest, so my failure today is galling.


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