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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 110

September 12, 2015

White to play and win



Keres v Kavalek, Marianske Lazne, 1965




I solved this one, but only by eliminating all other possibilities, knowing there was a win to be found.

1 Ba6? Nc6 and probably a draw, with all the pieces on one side. The key point is that 2 Bc4 Na5 3 Bd5 doesn't trap the Na5 because 3…Kf6 and reaches e5 before White's king can get to d4.


1 Bf3? Nc4 again winning the a5 pawn.


So, 1 Kd2! Nc6 3 Kc3! and if 3…Na5?, 4 Bf3 now does win the Na5; so instead 3…Nb8 but 4 Bf3, 5 Kb4 and the a6 pawn will fall.


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