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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 121

September 23, 2015

Black to play and win



Sakharov v Holmov, Kiev 1964-5




A computation exercise, working out which precise order of checks is optimal. First, decide whether Rgg2+ or Reg2+. Then see whether winning the LPDO Rd1 is the best Black can do, or whether there is a mate. After not too long, I found a mate with Rgg2+: 2 Kh1 Rg1+! 3 Kg1 Qg6+ etc


When entering the diagram into Stockfish, it also showed me that Reg2+! is a forced mate. 2 Kh1 Rh2+!! (the move I missed) 3 Kh2 (3 Qh2 Qf3+ mates next move) 3…Qa2+! etc. Black uses the whole board.



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