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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 126

September 28, 2015

White to play and win

What would have happened if Black had played 1….Bb4?


Reinhardt v Panno, Buenos Aires 1965




The first moves aren't too hard, the first move itself being forced. 1 Qb4[] Nb4[] 2 Rd8+ Kf7[].

On this occasion, it didn't take me long to find the shortest path to mate. 3 0-0+ Kg6[] 4 h4 (bringing another piece to the party, threatening h5mate) 4…h5[] 5 Rh8 and mate next move.


This line is Stockfish's preference, but I did wonder if 3 Bh5+ led to mate, and indeed it does, and in an interesting way: 3…g6[] 4 Bg6+! hg[] 5 Rd8+ Kf7[] 6 0-0+ Kg7[] 7 Bf6+ Kf7 (say) 8 Ng5 mate. The point of the interesting (to me) 4 Bg6+ is that if instead 7…Kh6 then, because there is no Ph7, 8 Rh8 is check and mate. The 4 Bg6+ line is, of course, from Stockfish.





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