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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 134

October 6, 2015

White to move: evaluate the position



Mileika- Rozenfeld, Latvia-Estonia corres, 1966




White resigned this correspondence game, as well he might. I am sure in OTB play, many White players would see 1 Rh2 Re1+ 2 Kg2[] Qg5 mate; 1 Re7 (idea 1…Re7?? 2 Qd8+ picking up the R) 1..Be5+ 2 Kg1 Qc1 mate, try a few interpositions on the e file (e.g. 1 Qe4? Be5+, again), and who could blame them?

CJS Purdy would, telling his readers to ignore threats, and to examine all biffs, leading here to 1 Rh7+!


Then, if 1…Qh7, White can now capture 2 Rh2, pinning the queen, so that 2…Re1+ 3 Kg2 is 1-0; and Black's only other move, 1..Kh7 is met by 2 Qf7+ and either queens come off (2…Qg7) or Black's LPDO Re8 does, in both games being the end of the attack (2…Qg7 3 Qe8+ first, 3…Qg8 4 Qg8+ and 5 Kh2).




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