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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 155

October 27, 2015

Black to play and win

Don't just find the initial move(s), find and defeat White's best defences


Darga- Teschner, Frankfurt 1966


In the game, Black, the author of the puzzle book, took the draw by 1…Bc6 2 Ne3 Qb1+ with a repetition. Knowing it is a puzzle, the move 1…Rc1! is fairly obvious, trying to deflect the Q from protecting e1.


If 2 Rc7, 2…Qb4!! is a neat over-powering.


More difficult is 2 Ra3 Qb1 3 Rd3:


Defeating this is difficult. 3…Kf7! moves the King from the 8th rank, so the White pawn wouldn't queen with check; 4 h3 Ba4! 5 d7 Rd1+ 6 Qd1 Bd1!


7 d8(Q) Bc2+ and Black is a bishop up, and White doesn't have a perpetual.


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