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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 161

November 2, 2015

Black to play and win


Gligoric v Larsen, Havana 1967


Which biff is best? Clearly, a breakthrough is required, and equally clearly, 1….Rg2! is the move to try first.

2 Kg2? is clearly inferior: 2…Qh3+ 3 Kg1[] Qh1 mate; so 2 Rg2 Qh3.


Note that on h3, the Black Queen now defends d7, freeing up the Bc6 from that function. White has various options, but 3 Qe2 is natural, when 3…Bf3 4 Qf2 Rg6 0-1. If instead for instance 3 Qd2, then 3…Bf3 and it is similar: Black still threatens 4 …Rg6, and if 4 Kg1 then 4…Qh1+ 5 Kf2 Qg2 0-1



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