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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 170

November 11, 2015

White to play and win


Bronstein v Gligoric, Moscow 1967


A nice piece of calculation today. Not to hard, since the lines are forced, but deep, so hard to foresee to the end.

1 Rg7+! begs to be played, 1….Bg7[] 2 Rc8+[] Kf7[] 3 Qh5+[] Ke7[] 4 Qe8+! (may not deserve the exclamation mark: all it is is better than the alternative checks):


4…Kd6[] 5 Qd8+! mate! (quite hard to visualise- 5 Rc6+ etc is more prosaic, also winning, more slowly).


So a long line, but forced. For blog honestry/integrity, I didn’t see 5 Qd8 mate as I visualised the solution. Instead, I kept checking on the white squares: h5-e8-c6-d7, which I suspect is a common trait, and the sideways shift to a black square is harder to see, at least from the initial position.


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