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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 176

November 17, 2015

White to play and win



Medina v Slisser, Amsterdam 1967




Line clearance is needed, on the g line, so that the Qg3 Rg2 battery can hit the Bg7. So 1 Be8!!:


Now, 2 Bf7! wins prosaically, but 2 Bc6 Nc6 (2…Rc5 3 dc Nc6 4 Rag1 and piles on the pressure) 3 Ng6+ Kh7[]


4 Nf8+! Kh8 5 Qg6 1-0


Note that the similar motivated line, (1 Be8 Rg8) 2 Be7 isn't as good because 2…Qe8! 3 Bf8!? fails to 3….Rb7! defends.




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  1. ThomasW permalink

    I don’t have a computer available to me right now, but it seems to me that 1 Bxf5 is simple and very strong. In reply to 1 … Rg8 or 1 … Rf7, 2 Bxe6 wins a lot of material, and after 1 … Nxf5 2 Nxf5, the bishop on g7 is attacked three times. Black might struggle on by 1 … Nxf5 2 Nxf5 Rg8 3 Nxg7 Rb7, but everything seems to be dropping off after 4 Qg6. Have I missed something?

  2. No, you haven’t missed anything. The position is one of those “many things win”. My engine gives Rag1 as +8; Be8 as +6; Bf5 as +5; though the evaluations vary as the engine is giving time to reflect; but all are winning.

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