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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 178

November 19, 2015

White to play and win

Hübner v Süss, Kiel 1967




As CJS Purdy tells us, as part of the thinking process, spend some time ignoring threats, imagining that they can't possibly be implemented. What would you want to do absent the Bc4 threatening the Qe2?

The answer is to try to mate on g7/h7 with the two rooks: so 1 Rg4! Be2 2 Rgg7+, 3 Rh7+, 4 Rag7 mate.

And if 1…Ng4, then 2 Qc4+ and Qg4. So Black's best is probably 1…Rf7 when 2 Rf7 Be2 3 Rgg7+ Kh8[] 4 Rh7+ Kg8 5 Rfg7+ Kf8[] 6 Bh6 +-


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