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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 182

November 23, 2015

Black to play: resign (as played); or?

Spiridonov v Neukirch, Zinnowitz, 1967
Black resigned, as any player might be expected to, but 1…h6! is a draw.
2 Bf6+ Qf6+ 3 Kg4 Qf3+ 4 Kh3 Qf1+ 5 Kh4 Qf6+ perpetual; White has other King moves, with similar effect; or he could play 2 Qf7+ Kf7[] 3 Qa7+ is also no more than a draw.
When finding the game in Megabase, which is normally my way of most quickly producing the diagrams for my blog, the game somehow appealed to me, and I have played through it quickly. I have made a diary note to look at it in more detail another time: I closely fought, high standard, 'modern' game, Reti/Catalan, the balance being kept by what I suspect is good play by both players. As said, worth a closer look.


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