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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 193

December 4, 2015

Black to play and win



Not too hard today, since the motif is clearly to exploit White’s back rank weaknesses, and 1…Nc5! is a very natural biff.

If White doesn’t exchange of e8, and instead defends by 2 Qc3 or 2 Qg3, then 2…Re1+ 3 Qe1 Rd1 wins the queen. So 2 Re8+ Qe8 is forced.


Then,  say 3 Qg3 loses to 3..Rd1+ and 4…Ne4+, winning the queen; so 3 Qf3 is best.


Black then has the nice deflection 3..Bg4! and White’s queen is overloaded: depending on how he replies, 4…Rd1+ or 4…Qe1+ are murderous.


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