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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 202

December 13, 2015

Black to play and win


Packroff v Mohring, Weimar 1968


It is fairly obvious, since it is a puzzle, that 1…d4! is the move, but the calculations involved are fairly tough.


Rather than give loads of lines, I have included an annotated game file here.

White’s best is probably 2 cd Rec8+ 3 Kb1 ab! when it is clear that Black has an attack.


Less clear is how to win it, but the main motif is to use defty rook footwork to try to mate on the a and b lines. It is a good exercise, with some lines given in my game file.


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  1. Bora Yagiz permalink

    sorry but the game in the link doesn’t open — could you verify it please? thanks

    • I am having some difficulties with Chessbase one-click at the moment; and am in contact with their technical support. Until it is resolved, I can’t help, except that if readers who want the game file want to email me,, I can send pgn files.

  2. Game file link now corrected.

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