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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 211

December 22, 2015

White to play and win


Fischer v Minic, Vinkovci, 1968


White’s position is quite loose, and Black has the two bishops, so it is clear that urgent action is needed, and it has to be against f7: so 1 Ne5.


Then 1…Bf1 2 Rf1 Bd2 is the game continuation, when 3 Rf3! keeps the bind.


And next move, something nasty happens on f7.

So, instead, 1..Be6 when 2 Nf7!


And similar play ensues. My engine tells me that relatively best is 1…Qd2 2 Qd2 Bd2 3 Rf3


When Black’s best is probably 3…Be6 4 Be6 fe 5 Rb3 when it turns out Black is in peril: his Pb7 is impossible to defend without trussing himself us by Rfb8 (due to Rab8 Nd7 pinning and winning).


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