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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #228

January 9, 2016

Black to play and win


Vujacic v Turunen, Groningen 1968-69


A good calculation exercise. 1..Qg2+ screams to be played, the only issue to be able to work out all the lines after 2 Ng2[] Bg2+ and either 3 Kh2 or 3 Kg1.


3 Kh2 first: Black discovers with his Bishop, say 3..Bc6+, 4 Kg3 and then cuts off White’s squares with 4…Bd6+; If 5 Bf4 or 5 Rf4 then 5…Rg2 mate; if 5 Qf4 h4+ and Nh5+.


If 3 Kg1, then 3..e2+ is obvious, but after 4 Kg1 not 4…ef+ but 4…e1(Q)+! and 0-1.


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One Comment
  1. southeuro permalink

    the cutest mate I think is the following: Qg2 Ng2 Bg2 Kg1 e2+ Kh2 efN# 🙂

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