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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #231

January 12, 2016

Black to play and win


Troianescu v Taimanov, Venice 1969


I messed this one up. 1…Kg7? 2 Qd4+ +- pt 1…Qa4? 2 Qd4 +- are easy, so I thought I was being clever finding 1…Rg8, but the engines tell me it is 0.0 after simply 2 Nc3. Yes, White is weak on the white squares on the K side, but after Rf1-c1 White might also be able to expose Black’s king.

Instead, Taimanov played 1…fg! 2 Re1 Bh3! – I saw 1..fg, but not 2..Bh3!- when the threat of Qf1+ is decisive.



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