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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #240

January 21, 2016

White to play and win, after Black has just played 1…Nh4?



Teschner v Martius, Munich 1969



This one isn’t totally convincing, but the main line is 1 d7! Rf8? and now Teschner played 2 Nh4 Qh4[] 3 Be5 Re5[]


and now the very pretty 4 Rf7!!. If 4…Kf7 then 5 Rf1+ and promotes. I found a different move order, which the engines tell me is just as good, namely 2 Be5 Re5[] 3 Qd4 winning the exchange since the Re5 is pinned to the Pg7, and if 3…f6 the Nh4 becomes a LPDO.

However, 1..Qd7 is better: then after Queens come off White is better, but the game ‘goes on’:


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