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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #245

January 26, 2016

White to play and win



Andersson v Doda, Lodz 1969




The key thing in this puzzle is ‘does White need to be worried about Rh2+ winning the Queen’? Let us say White did a pass move, 1 b3, then 1….Rh2+ 2 Qh2[] Nh2, but White then mates by 3 Nh7+ Ke8[] 4 Rg8 mate.

So, Rh2+ isn’t a present threat, and therefore 1 ef! and if say 1…Ne5, then 2 Nh7+ still wins, for the same reason- 2…Ke8 3 Qg8+ Rg8[] 4 Rg8 mate. Instead, 1…Nf6 prevents the mate when 2 Ne4 buffs the queen whilst also threatens 3 Qg7+ biffing the LPDO Rh8.

In the game, Black played 1…Nh2 and resigned after 2 Nh7+.


Purdy based analysis would also help solve this problem. He taught his readers to spend some of one’s thinking times ignoring threats, imagining they could not possible executed: what do you want to do absent the threat- here, unhinge the Ng4 by capturing its support, the Pf5- then the calculation shows that the threat can indeed be safely ignored.

Interesting, my engine thinks White is better, not winning: 1…f6! 2 Ne4 Qf5 3 Bg4, change everything, and the resultant position is “only” +1:




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