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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #265

February 17, 2016

Black to play and win; 

and: Black actually played 1…Nc5: analyse



The first problem isn’t too hard: 1…Qe2 is a double attack, hitting the LPDO Rd1 and if 2 Rb1, 2…Qc2 traps it; and if 2 Rd6, 2..Qf1+ 3 Kg1 Qe1 0-1; or finally 2 Bh4+ g5 is a similar conclusive double attack.

The move played, 1…Nc5 is a blunder (and it was 41…Nc5, so perhaps the move after the time control), since 2 Bh4+ g5 3 Ng5! wins: mate or the pawn promotes.


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