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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #280

March 3, 2016

Is the Pe6 poisoned?


Spassky v Fischer, Siegen 1970


Answer: no, because before the 1972 match, Fischer had never beaten Spassky.

Longer answer: 1 Qe6 Rd1 2 Qf7!

My engine give a long line in which White emerges as better: too long for humans to compute, but it is clear from 2 Qf7 that White is at least not worse.



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  1. ThomasW permalink

    After 1 Qxe6, doesn’t 1 … Rd6 win the knight on f6? What am I missing here?

  2. ThomasW permalink

    Ah, I see now that 1 … Rd6 doesn’t win a piece because of 2 Qe4, hitting the rook on a8.

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