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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #284

March 7, 2016

Evaluate 1 Rd1 Ba4


Calvo- Csom, Siegen 1970


Visually hard, with all the opposing pieces, but once focussed, not too hard to see 2 Bb5! and White wins.


In the game, I am sure there was a time scramble, because after (2 Bb5) 2..Bb5 3 Rd7 Bd7, White played the ridiculous 4 Rd2 (actually, 39Rd2) rather than the obvious 4 ba.


Perhaps though the Megabase game position is wrong, though what is odd is that there was logic in how the R got to a5 (it biffed an unprotected N on c5, White later played Pc3*b4) whilst Teschner’s book has the R on a3 in its problem position.

Most odd.




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