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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #291

March 14, 2016

White to play and win


Tukmakov v Korchnoi, Riga 1970


One move begs to be played: 1 Qg7.

The main line which needs to be calculated is 1…gh. Then 2 Bh6+ Kg8[] 3 Be4+ Kh8[] 4 Bg7+ Kg8[] 5 Bf6+ Kf8[] and now first 6 Nd5 before taking the Queen: White has a winning advantage, his h-pawn being a runner.


In the game, Viktor played 1…Qb4 and after 2 Qh8+ Kg7 3 Qg7 Qd4 lost- but to my mind, despite the engines being +2, at my level it is still messy- or, at least, there is scope to go wrong. Also, the machines say that 3 Bf7! is even stronger, and a quick check shows why: 3…Bf7 4 Qg7 Rf8 5 Bh6! piles on the pressure: the Qb4 is tied to the Rf8 because of the threat of Ng6+.


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