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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #312

April 5, 2016

White to play and win


Andersson v Portisch, Skopje Olympiad 1972


Examine all biffs: then 1 Ne5! has to be looked at, and is instantly seen as strong.


If 1…Qe5, then 2 Qf3+ and if 2…Kg5, 3 Bc1+ and mates: so 2…Bf5 3 ef and if 3…Qf5, 4 Be7 is a pretty mate.


1…Ke5 is harder to crack, at least visually. But 2 Qd2+ Ke5 3 Qc3+ Kf4 4 Bc1! is another pretty mate. The same happens, slower, after 2 Qf3+ Ke5 3 Qc3+ because Black can instead play 2..Kg5 (and lose more slowly).


Portisch resigned after 1 Ne5.

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