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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #322

April 15, 2016

White to play and win

Spend some time on this, but note that the problem is cooked- so try to see the idea, but then try to find Black’s best defence.


Uhlmann v Damjanovic, Cienfuegos 1073


This too me a while, many attempts, until I found the key idea.

1 Bc7!


with the idea 1…Rc7 2 b4! : that’s the point. And if 2…Qb4 3 Rc7.

Instead, though, Black can play 2..Rd7! when things are more or less equal. There is a fairly forcing line 3 ba Rd3[] 4 Rd3[] Bc4 5 Nd6 Bd3[] 6 Re8[] Bf1[] 7 Kf1 “winning” per Teschner but the simple 7…Be5 is likely plain equal.


The line can be extended to the pawn ending resulting after Kf8/Nd6/Bd6…and if it is winning, it is only by pure calculation. Fritz, left for a few minutes, gives the following end position as 0.0:


Worst still, in the sense that the puzzle is cooked, is that Black can instead play 1…Qa4 when 2 Nd6? is bad (losing two pieces for the rook) whilst 2 b3 Qa2 3 Nd6 Bb3 is just the exchange for two pawns, so not convincing.


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