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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #326

April 19, 2016

Black to play and win


Taimanov v Karpov, Moscow 1973




If it weren’t a puzzle, I would easily imagine a long drawn out game. I could similarly imagine a long drawn out battle, Carlsen black, ekeing out an eventually 0-1 from the small advantage of Black’s better pawn structure.


But no, this is a puzzle book, so 1…Rf3! is the only move to look at, 2 gf[] being forced because White’s Queen is tied to defending the Rb2 (and 2 Rc2 fails to 2…Qf4+). Surprisingly, 2…Nh4 is over-poweringly strong.


It is, at least to, strange and beautiful that Black’s Q and N combine so well, and how White is helpless. One lime is 3 Rb3, protecting the Pf3, but this is met by 3…Qg5! (threatening 4…Qg2), only met by 4 Qf1[], when 4…Qf4+ 5 Kh1 Nf3 is decisive.


If 6 Qg2[] (to defend against 6…Qh2mate) then 6…Qc1+ picks up the Q with mate next move.

Very nice,p.


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