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May 25, 2016

I have been posting daily to my chess blog for a long while now, and get much enjoyment from it. It started as an idea: as my children reached late teenage/ adulthood, and as I reached the wrong side of 50, I didn’t want to be totally outpaced by technology, and wanted to have some idea of how a webpage is created, how blogs are done, and so on. And so I found and started to type.

And am still typing.

I principally blog for myself, solving a daily chess puzzle, and if others find it interesting, good, but that’s not the aim. What I do like though is the regular feedback I get, messages from around the World, and to a child of the 1960s it does seem bizarre how something typed in Stockport, Manchester, England, can get responses from anywhere in the World.

99.9% of the messages are welcome.  A tiny fraction are negative, even hostile, even insulting: one of the best being from when I by mistake had a piece missing in one of my diagrams, causing my irate reader to vent his spleen, with abuse for my wasting his time. One thing I have learned from blogging is that typos in publishing are inevitable, however hard you try.

This blog is about one very nice message, from David Sheetz, a young programmer from Cleveland, Ohio. Dave also used WordPress and contacted me recently about his new site,

Dave has created a very nice site with pictures and information about numerous chess sets. My favourite, since I haven’t got a lego chess set, is:



Last year, I did a series of blogs about my own chess sets (too numerous to count), but Dave’s site has renewed my interest in the beauty of the sets and pieces of our game.

Go take a look at Dave’s site: for anyone who appreciates the beauty of chess, it is worth a look.

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