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Homage to Short-Timman, Tilburg 1991

May 30, 2016

Paying homage whenever it is due to my school mate Nigel, I had the following conclusion to a typical Sicilian Morra 3-0 blitz game.

Morra Kf6

The King walked from h1:

K walk


1…Rcd8 2 Qg4 (hitting Bh4 and g6) Rd6 3 Rd6 Qf2 4 Rg6 Qf1+ 5 Kh2 Qf2+ 6 Kh3 Bf6

7 Rf6


The cursed machine says this is equal, after the moves played in the game

7…Qh1+ 8 Kg5


and now 8…Nd4! since 9 Rd6 loses (9 Bd1=) to 9…Nf3+ 10 Kf5[] Qh7+ and 11..Nh4+ (there are other ways for Black to win)

But after 8…gf? 9 Kf6 discovered check, we pay small homage.


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  1. Hey there Allan! Just trying to connect with the other chess guys on WordPress:)

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