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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #8

June 7, 2016

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

White to play and win


Morphy v Nepozanti, New York 1857


Because it is Paul Morphy, you know the answer has to be 1 de!, meeting 1…Nb3 with 2 ef7+, when 2…Kd7[] is forced.


But then how to win?

Again, since it is Morphy, you ‘know’ it is 3 Be6+ Kc6[] 4 Ne5+ (just keep on checkin’) Kb5[]

when 5 Bc4+ Ka5 6 Bb4+ Ka4 7ab+ is mate.


Note that this must have been a rook odds game (and, of course, an Evans Gambit)


I wonder who Morphy’s opponent is? I assumed at first he was an amateur, with Morphy giving him rook odds. But he appears in many more of the following days’ puzzles, so I am less sure. It might of course be that the spelling of his name has altered, but my search of Chessbase hasn’t revealed who he was. (I am also finding that my Megabase 2012 has very few of these 19th century games- I am having to enter diagrams manually).

If anyone knows who Nepoznati was, please reply to this post; similarly, if anyone knows a good source for mid 19th century games, to save my blogging time.

Update: I suspect ‘nepoznati’ means either ‘amateur’ or ‘unknown’, though google translate hasn’t enabled me to confirm this. Having looked several pages ahead, I spotted that Mr Nepoznati was an extremely well travelled  person, with a very long playing career. 🙂



One of my readers has kindly told me that nepoznati means “unknown”. I prepare blog postings several days or more in advance. I won’t amend those already prepared (it is a bit of a chore) but I will change any future ones featuring this player/

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  1. nepoznat in croatian means unknown

  2. nepoznat in croatian means ‘unknown’

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