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You shouldn’t have played the King’s Indian against Viktor…

June 8, 2016

I have been reading everything which comes to my attention about Viktor following his death on Monday.

My favourite tweet is by @stuthefox, my friend GM Stuart Conquest.

Stuart Conquest (@stuthefox)

07/06/2016, 12:29

“Against some people you should not play the King’s Indian” – Viktor Korchnoi (to Alex Wohl, after their game @GibraltarChess 2011).


I had to have a look at the game, and thanks to the one-click ‘publish to web’ feature in @chessbase, it is here.

Playing through it, you can feel the discomfort Black would have had throughout, as Viktor’s controlled play piled up pressure on Black’s queenside, helped by the moves c4-c5 and c4-c5 (sic) and how Viktor’s Ne2-g1-f3 puts paid to Black’s king-side activity. A few hours of discomfort for Black, followed by Viktor’s trademark, to the point, accurate, post mortem comment.


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