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Daily chess puzzle: What did the players miss?

July 7, 2016

A break from the daily mate puzzle from the book I am presently working through.

Wei Yi v Anand, Leon 2016.



The game continued 1…Rd1 2 Rc7 Kg7 3 Rb7 Rd5.

What did these two great players miss?




This took longer than it should. I saw the actual missed line more or less immediately, but mentally ruled it out, by not considering properly the line, evaluating it, ruling it out, on instinct and not calculation.

Instead I tried hard to mate Black, knowing it seemed forelorn, and/or finding a way to get B checking on the a1-h8 diagonal to pick up the LPDO Nb2: again, ignoring my senses that this too was forelorn.

So, eventually, back to calculation, and rather than 2Rc7?, White should have exchanged. 1 Rd1 Nd1[] 2 Bf6 threatens to capture the N, so 2…b4 is forced. 3 Kf1 Kf8 4 Ke1 Nc3[] 5 Bc3 bc[] 6 Kd1 Ke7 7 Kc2


7…Kd6 8 Kc3 Kc5 was the horizon of my vision, and I could only evaluate this position as 'probably better for white'.

I can't say for sure what best play is (I could try to use my engines, but they might be limited: suffice to say this position is more winning for White than the line in the game). Readers who are interested might wish to play this ending out, as intend to, for practice.

(h/t to Leonard Barden, who gave this puzzle in his chess column in the Financial Times, 25/6/15)


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