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Daily chess puzzle: taken from Baku Olympiad stamps

September 1, 2016

The FIDE website item that a set of stamps had been produced for the Baku Olympiad caught my eye.


Only whilst writing this posting did I notice that the chess positions aren't stamps: they must be mere 'decorations' for envelopes. By the time I had noticed this, I had wondered 'which games the two positions are' and 'why the particular positions had been chosen'. I had guessed, wrongly, that the positions were from the late Vugar Gashimov or from a leading present day Ajerbaijani player, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The first one is today's puzzle:

Black to play and win





Oddly, this game does not feature an Ajerbaijani player, but is from an old Hungarian championship, the game being Honfi v Csom 1973. Quite why this position has been chosen I cannot guess.

Anyway, 1…Qg4! is very strong, taking advantage of the point that e1 is mined: 2 Ke1 Ng2+ forks and wins.



I haven't been able to source the second position. {I only have Megabase 2012, with my search augmented by TWIC}


Clearly, some type of Open Ruy Lopez, but how did Queens come off? I suspect the position is composed. I can't see a logical way in which the position could have arisen. Can any reader?




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