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Olympiad chess puzzle: Volokitin magic

September 4, 2016

This posting is made whilst watching the final stages of today’s third round at the Baku Olmypiad. I’ve been watching the England men’s team’s match vs Canada. In addition to watching England’s games, I watch certain others- typically the highest rated players, or those I can often count on being entertaining, one of whom is Andrei Volokitin of the Ukraine. Today’s game didn’t disappoint, Andrei beating Daniel Fridman in his typical style.

I have given some quick analysis in the attached link below, but one variation is worth setting as a puzzle.

White to play and win


variation from Volokitin v Fridman, Baku 4/9/16

(see attached file for game file, including the variation)


1 Nh5!! is the only winning move. Then if 1…gh 2 Rd7+ Ke8[] 3 Nf6 is a lovely mate. If insread say 1 Qc4 then White’s advantage vanishes.

My instant analysis is here.


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