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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #115

September 29, 2016

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.


White to play and mate Black


Balogh v Gtomer, Prague 1931



Since it is a puzzle, you have to try 1 Qb7+ (in a game, I might be more careful with my Queen) and once seen, it is fairly easy it is check, check, check…mate.


In the game, Black resigned after 1..Kb7 2 Bd7+

(My first solution had been 1 Ba6, which wins equally well, but is less flashy. After 1…Qb7+ Black can of course grovel on with 1…Kd8, but he is still in an awful plight.


1nk2brr/1Qpbqp2/3p4/1B2p1P1/4P3/2PPB1p1/P2N1PP1/RR4K1 b – – 0 22

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