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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #122

October 6, 2016

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.


White to play and mate Black; and

Black to play and mate White  (depends on who is to move: i.e. find both)


Rosengarten v Schlamer, Solingen 1934


As I’ve previously mentioned, the book I am presently covering omits to say which side is to play and win. Rarely a problem: often one side is attacking; sometimes one player is well known, and the other is “amateur” or “unknown”.

Occasionally, as here, it is a bit closer.

If White were to play and win, it is easy: 1 Qf8+ and say 1…Kg6 2 Qg7+ Kf5 3 Qh7 mate.

So, the puzzle must be Black to play and win, and here it is pretty: 1…Qh1+!


2 Kh1[] c1(Q)+ 3 Kg2 (3 Kh2? Rf2 mate) Qc6+


A very similar position to the starting one, the sole difference being the removal of the Pc2. This makes all the difference: 4 Kh2 Rf2+ and mate; 4 Kg1 or 4 Kh1, 4…Rc1+ and mate.

Nice and clean.


3Q4/4R2p/1pq2p1k/6p1/8/6PP/1rp2P1K/8 b – – 0 1

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