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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #128

October 12, 2016

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.


Black to play and mate White (and there is a second puzzle below)


O’Kelly v Defosse


This looks like an English opening gone wrong, and gone wrong it has since 1…Qf2+! forces the King out so it can be checked, checked and mated.

2 Kf2[] Ng4+ 3 Kf3 (3 Kg1 Be3 mate), and now the next move is key:


3..e4+! 4 Ke4 (4 Nde4 or 4 de both met by 4…Nde5 mate)


4…Ndf6+ (not 4…Re8+, since the King escapes to d5 and then squirrels away to c4)

5 Kf3[] Ne5+ 6 Kf2 Nfg4+ 7 Kg1 Be3 mate.


The whole line is more or less capable of being visualised from the start- I got there, with fairly high confidence: but partly because I knew there was a solution. Whether I would be confident enough in a game to sacrifice my queen, I don’t know: if I did, it would be with a big gulp for confidence and hope.

My engine tells me that in the opening position the only winning move is 1…Qf2: and that all other moves lose. That led me to another puzzle:

Second puzzle

What were the last few moves to arrive at the problem position? It is not obvious to me what they might have been (and the game isn’t in Megabase 2012)



r4rk1/ppRn1p2/6pb/2P1pq1p/3N4/P1QPn1Pb/1B1NPP1P/4R1KB b – – 0 1

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