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Nazar Boncugu (talisman against the evil eye)

October 29, 2016

Everywhere you go in Kas, nearly every shop, office and restaurant, will have a blue amulet, a Nazar Boncugu (eye bead) to ward off bad luck.

Our Turkish guests might well know far more than I do: my knowledge is from Wikipedia and some googling, from which I can tell that such nazars are found throughout Turkey and neighboring countries. 

I really like seeing them around, particularly when spotting them on occasion embedded in the streets. The street down from the lion’s tomb (Uzun Carsi, or better known as ‘Slippy street’, since the marbled paving is slippery) has particularly many Nazar Boncugus. 

Of course, at Sundown Villa, we have one, to protect the villa and everyone who stays at it. We hope it brings good luck.

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  1. Interesting.

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