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Daily chess puzzle

November 9, 2016

A break from my daily postings from Matni Udar. This is a puzzle from October’s Isle of Man tournament, the blog being drafted whilst watching on the day’s play. The reason the blog is being posted today is that due to my work commitments, I had got far ahead with my drafting of Matni Udar blogs (they come out at 7am each day: they are not written then, but always in advance, sometimes well in advance).

Black played Nd7-c5: evaluate the move


Batsiashvili N v Das, A, Isle of Man 7/10/16


Nc5?? loses: 1 Rh8+!! and Black resigned.


If 1…Kh8 2 Qh6+ Kg8[] 3 Ng5 and mates.

If 1…Kg7 2 Qh6+ Kf6[] 3 e5 mate.

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